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Other Views: Ignoring Homeless Families, Richard Florida's Federal Fantasy, Fresno TOD Funds, Streetcar Cost-Benefit Test


America Ignoring Homeless Families 

Bill Moyers . com


More than one-third of Americans who use shelters annually are parents and their children. In 2011, that added up to more than 500,000 people.

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Richard Florida's Federal Fantasy 

New Geography


Urbanist Richard Florida, in a New York Daily News op-ed, has called for President Obama to define his legacy not only by focusing on gun control, immigration and climate change, but by zeroing in on an even more important issue: America's urbanization.

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TOD Fund Grab Means a War on Fresno Walkers 

Fresno Bee


What are TOD funds? Near as I can tell, they're nothing but a taxpayer slush fund for developers.

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Arlington Streetcars Fail the Cost-Benefit Test 

Washington Post


Good government requires decisions based on the best and most current information. Now would be a good time for Arlington to pause and reconsider the costs and benefits of streetcars on Columbia Pike based on new information.

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