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Other Views: Landlord Troubles In SF, 'Totally Fine' To Text & Drive If you Look Up, Texas Loot Rail Crime Train


Landlords Have It Rough in San Francisco 

New York Times


VISITORS have forever left their hearts in San Francisco. But leaving the rest of your body here isn't so easy: there's no place to live.

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Texting and Driving OK if You Look Up Every Few Seconds 

The Onion, via: Crikey Urbanist


A new report published Monday by the National Transportation Safety Board advises motorists that sending text messages while driving "is totally fine" and "not that big a deal" as long as you make sure to glance up from your phone every now and then.

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The Loot Rail Crime Train in Texas Too? 

The Columbian


Floodgates are opening in Texas, and I'm not talking about an end to the drought there. I'm talking jobs, and the construction boom was evident as soon as I landed recently at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

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