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Other Views: Risk-Style Games of 'Urban Domination', Transit-Density Disconnect, Streets of Brooklyn in Lego


Risk-Style Games of 'Urban Domination' 

The Atlantic Cities


World domination is all well and good, but sometimes taking over a city is more than enough for one night.

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The Transit-Density Disconnect 

New Geographiy


Around the world planners are seeking to increase urban densities, at least in part because of the belief that this will materially reduce automobile use and encourage people to give up their cars and switch to transit, or walk or cycle.

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The Streets of Brooklyn in Lego 

The Brothers Brick


The Brooklyn buildings by Jonathan Lopes (BKNY Bricks) aren't as elaborately decorated as your typical Café Corner compatible building, but as far as I am concerned that is a good thing.

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