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Transport: A Look At St. Louis Streetcar Proposal, Portland Mulls Tri-Met Takeover, Freight Rail Anti-Trust Legislation, Controversial 'Bike Highway'


A Look at the Downtown St. Louis Streetcar 

Urban Review St. Louis


Much of the talk about the proposed Downtown to CWE modern streetcar line has been focused on.

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How Bad is America's Infrastructure Really 

Governing Magazine


Americans have been hearing about the nation's infrastructure crisis long enough for belief in the need for additional infrastructure funding to become part of our collective DNA.

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Washington DOT Secretary Considers State TIGER Program 

Transportation Issues Daily


Lynn Peterson, new Washington State DOT Secretary, visited Spokane recently for a highway interchange groundbreaking and to visit with local transportation interests.

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Portland Metro Mulls Tri-Met Transit Agency Takeover 

Portland Transport


The question of whether or not Metro should take over TriMet has come up again, with state Rep. Chris Gorsek (D-Troutdale) sponsors HB3316, which would mandate that Metro exercise its authority to do exactly that.

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Bill Filed to End Freight Rail Anti-Trust Exemption 

The Hill


Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and David Vitter (R-La.) have filed a bill that would eliminate antitrust exemptions for freight railroad companies.

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Portland's Controversial 'Bike Highway' 

Portland Oregonian


Some people call a complicated plan to reduce car lanes and expand bicycle access in North Portland the 'Williams bikeway project.' Others refer to it as a "bike highway."

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