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Transport: Bike Infrastructure Debate, Oakland Streetcar Study, Spanish HSR Lessons, Milwaukee Streetcar Plan Threatened


Bike Infrastructure Debate Settled 

Streetsblog Net


For decades, cyclists bickered amongst themselves about the efficacy and safety of bike infrastructure. With the proliferation of protected bike lanes in recent years, however, everyone can see that predictions about bike lanes making streets more dangerous for cycling simply didn't come to pass.

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Streetcar Study Contract Before Oakland Committee 

Rockridge Patch


On the May 14 agenda of the Oakland City Council's Community and Economic Development Committee is a contract to compare building a streetcar system along Broadway with extending the current Broadway Shuttle.

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Council Members Not Happy with Late Streetcars 

Tucson Business Journals


Oregon Iron Works' delays in delivering streetcars to Tucson, Ariz., have some city councilors there fuming.

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What Can UK Learn from Spanish High Speed Rail? 

BBC News


There are many arguments made for the planned new high-speed rail network from London to Birmingham and to Manchester and Leeds, known as HS2.

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Plans Offered to Kill Milwaukee Streetcar 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Republicans on the Legislature's budget committee intend to approve a measure Thursday that would bar utility ratepayers from having to bear any costs for a proposed streetcar in Milwaukee - a provision that likely would kill the project.

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Minnesota Gas Tax Hike Rejected 

Minneapolis Star Tribune


The Senate Taxes Committee modified Scott Dibble's plan to raise sales and gas taxes, preferring the status quo.

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Why Does Australian Gov Favor Roads Over Rails? 

Crikey: The Urbanist


The Victorian government provided funding for a new city freeway this week but spurned a new rail line. It's important to understand why governments continue to favour roads over rails

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Council Passes Changes to Manhattan Core Parking Regulations 

NYC Streetsblog


This afternoon, the City Council passed the Manhattan Core parking text amendment with a vote of 47-0, with one abstention (Jessica Lappin).

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Federal Online Sales Tax Would Benefit Local Transit Agencies 

Seattle Transit Blog


PubliCola beat me to this point by a couple of days, but the internet sales tax bill making its way through Congress - it just passed the filibuster-happy Senate 69-27 , with your two Senators voting yes

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