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Transport: Bike Share For Conservatives, Midsize Airport Hub Cut, Gas Tax At 85, Dallas Bullet Train Turf War, Chicago BRT Lanes, Bay Area Traffic Increase


Bike Share for Conservatives 

Restless Urbanist


As a conservative, I am a huge supporter for programs like Bike Shares. I became very frustrated this week to hear members of the bike lobby begin a broad attack against conservatives this week dividing an important discussion we need to have in our cities.

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Another Midsize Hub Gets Cut 



For the midsize airline hub, there's been another death in the family. Just this week, news broke that Delta would shutter its hub operations in Memphis, Tenn.

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Gas Tax Turns 81, What's Next? 

Forbes, via: DC Streetsblog


Happy birthday, federal gas tax! Yes, on this day in 1932, President Herbert Hoover signed the Revenue Act of 1932 authorizing the first federal gasoline tax.

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Daily Show Takes on Citibike and "Big Wheel" 

NY Streetsblog


Forget the ridership numbers: you know you've hit the big time when Jon Stewart and company spend a full nine minutes satirizing you at the top of "The Daily Show."

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Bullet Train Sparks Turf War in Dallas 

KUHF Houston


A private firm's plan to develop a high-speed rail line between Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston is being closely watched by officials in North Texas, where there are varying opinions as to where the first station should be built.

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Can Chicagoans Be Convinced to Take Lanes for BRT? 

Chicago Streetsblog


Last week GOOD Chicago, a progressive think tank, hosted a panel discussion at the Chicago Cultural Center about the city's plans for bus rapid transit on Ashland Avenue between 95th and Irving Park.

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Bay Area Traffic Rises with Economy 

Transportation Nation


The Bay Area has two of the top ten most congested cities in the country. No other state, let alone region, can claim that title.

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FEC Expansion Will Transform the City 

Transit Miami


Miami is undergoing one of the most magnificent metamorphoses in its history. One of the impetuses of this transformation is the Florida East Coast (FEC) Industries' corridor project called All Aboard Florida.

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Former BART Manager Duggar Still Paid After Resignation 

San Jose Mercury News


With a gross salary of more than $333,000, BART's highest-paid employee last year wasn't its general manager, police chief or a worker who racked up gobs of overtime scrubbing grime from filthy train seats.

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Santa Monica Considers Expanding TDM Policies 

LA Streetsblog


This Wednesday, the Santa Monica Planning Commission was presented with and spoke on the latest draft proposals for the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) portion of the pending zoning code .

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