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Transport: Brazil Fare Hikes Reversed, El Paso BRT Breaks Ground, Portland's Bike Plans, Detroit's Highway Habit


Brazil Officials Reverse Bus, Subway Fare Hikes 

NBC News


Leaders in Brazil's two biggest cities said Wednesday that they have reversed an increase in bus and subway fares that ignited protests across the nation.

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El Paso Breaks Ground on Rapid Bus Transit Line 

El Paso Times


One of Mayor John Cook's last acts was to help break ground Wednesday on the future site of one of El Paso's rapid transit system bus stations.

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Building a Biker's Paradise, and the Rest of Portland 

Portland Transport


Late last year, I was on a podcast talking about the Comprehensive Plan update and was asked about tips for where the best places to live in the future would be.

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House GOP Knives Out on Appropriations Bill 

DC Streetsblog


Constrained by Paul Ryan's budget and the sequester, the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation and HUD passed a $44 billion spending bill for 2014 - 15 percent lower than 2013 enacted levels.

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Detroit Regional Planners Can't Kick Highway Habit 

DC Streetsblog


They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. But the people who shape the future of greater Detroit - despite all the urban flight, sprawl, and decline they've seen - just can't seem to acknowledge that they have an addiction to big highway projects.

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Complicated Value Capture Scheme for Minneapolis Streetcars 

Minnesota Post


On Tuesday morning, not one but two Minneapolis City Council committees met to approve the creation of a so-called Value Capture District, which would devote the area's property taxes to financing a streetcar line on Nicollet Avenue.

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Lawmakers Question $20B Railroad Safety Mandate 

The Hill


Lawmakers are expressing concerns over a new safety mandate that could cost the railroad industry more than $20 billion, questioning if there are more effective ways to prevent accidents.

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Bus Rapid Transit Worth Fighting For in South Bay 



Bus rapid transit (BRT) projects can be transformative, as we have learned from cities like Cleveland in the U.S. and global examples like Mexico City.

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Highway Department Ignores Other Modes


The anecdote we're about to relay happened in St. Louis County, but it could have occurred in almost any community between New York and Portland.

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