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Transport: CAHSR Bond Sale, Toronto Transit Fees & Taxes Supported, Taking BART North, Clean Cars Vs. Efficient Modes


California Officials Approve HSR Bond Sale 



California officials approved on Monday the sale of up to $8.6 billion in state bonds to help build a planned high-speed rail system projected to cost $68 billion.

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Toronto Business Community Calls for Taxes and Fees for Transit 

Toronto Globe and Mail


Toronto's business community has thrown its support behind broad-based new taxes and fees to expand transit, a shot in the arm for plans to ease regional congestion over the next generation.

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BART Board Member Wants BART to Go Further North 

Contra Costa Times


BART's new District 7 director says it's high time to revive an idea that has been kicking around for decades: Bringing BART north along the Interstate 80 corridor - to San Pablo, Richmond Hilltop and Pinole, and perhaps Hercules and beyond.

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UCLA Has Reduced Trips to Westwood by Car 

The Source


UCLA recently released its annual State of the Commute report. The gist of it: even as enrollment has climbed in the past 20-plus years, the number of car trips to and from campus has fallen.

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Policy Elevates Clean Cars Over Efficient Modes 

DC Streetsblog


It has a nice ring to it: using oil and gas revenue to shift transportation off oil and gas dependence. President Obama announced a plan to do just that on Friday - but the details of his plan are disappointing

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Visualizing the Usage of Oyster Card in London 

Spatial Complexity


For the online course TechniCity, I have made a little video of Big Data and our Oyster Card project using data from the subway system courtesy of Transport for London, and courtesy of our researcher Dr. Jon Reades.

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Victims of Black Death Found Under Subway


Crossrail archaeologists have discovered a mass burial site in Farringdon, believed to be the final resting place of 14th century Black Death victims.

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R's on the Hill Used Flawed High Speed Rail Report 

LA Streetsblog


Last August, the Reason Foundation released a report by Wendell Cox and Adrian Moore critising the privately funded XpressWest's (Xpress) application for a federal loan needed to begin construction.

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Krugman - Cost of Driving Deserves Attention 

DC Streetsblog


Two of the nation's leading lefty commentators weighed in on transportation incentives last Friday, when both economist Paul Krugman at the New York Times and Matt Yglesias at Slate went on a congestion pricing kick.

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