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Transport: Calif. Super Majority Law, Houston Pay To Play Driving, Flywheel Tram Energy Storage, Synchronizing Lights To Fight Gridlock, Fort Worth Bike Share


In California, 2/3rds Vote Means You Lose 

Los Angeles Times, via: @rpuentes


Measure J fell just 0.6% shy of the required two-thirds approval as support fell in upscale enclaves. Some politicians are pushing to cut the requirement.

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Houston Driving Becoming Pay to Play 

Houston Chronicle


Everything has gotten more expensive since 1992, except maybe CD players and the gas tax.

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Flywheel Tested as Freiburg Tram Energy Storage 



A flywheel at a tram terminal loop is being tested as a means of energy storage in the city of Freiburg. The flywheel stores the braking energy of arriving trams and gives it back to departing trams.

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LA Synchronizes Lights to Fight Gridlock 

New York Times, via: The Source


To combat its infamous traffic, Los Angeles has built subways and light rail lines. It has widened highways and added car pool, toll and bus-only lanes.

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Fort Worth Installs First Bike Share Station 



Yes, it's really happening, the first Fort Worth Bike Sharing station has been installed. This particular station is at 9th and Main in downtown, at the north end of the Convention Center.

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Feds Ambitious Plan for Northeast HSR 

Transportation Nation


Over a dozen plans for improving rail in the Northeast Corridor are under consideration by the federal government, ranging from minor improvements to a future with 220-mile-per-hour bullet trains between Washington and Boston

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Long Distance Bus Lobby Defends Hours, Pay 

The Hill


The lobbying group for long-distance bus companies is defending the industry's scheduling practices for drivers and safety record after recent criticism from the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU).

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King County Could Cut 1/3 of Bus Service 

Transportation Nation


King County Metro could eliminate of almost a third of its routes. Ongoing budget woes are forcing the Seattle transit provider to consider slashing its bus service.

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Bus Rapid Transit Plan for Madison Soon 

Capital Times


A bus system in Madison that could cut travel time while serving more passengers could cost almost $200 million to build and $10 million a year to operate, according to a study being rolled out this month.

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Cars Turning Left Pose Pedestrian Danger 

Science Daily


A study to examine driver behavior in permitted left turns has identified what researchers call an alarming level of risk to pedestrians crossing the street - about 4-9 percent of the time, drivers don't even bother to look and see if there are pedestrians in their way.

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