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Chinese Cities are Building Metros They Might Not Need 

The Economist


NOT many global cities of nearly 9m people lack an underground line, but until the end of last year the eastern city of Hangzhou was one of them.

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Tesla CEO Wants to Pay to Fix Traffic on 405 in LA 

Los Angeles Times, via: @carterrubin


Entrepreneur Elon Musk has already spent $50,000 trying to make the 405 Freeway better - and he's willing to pay even more.

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Cap & Trade Revenue Spending Plan Includes HSR 

Bloomberg, via: California High Speed Rail


California regulators backed a state plan to spend proceeds from carbon permit sales on energy efficiency, clean transportation and natural resources programs.

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Just a Few Transit Riders Can Do Wonders for Traffic 

Fast Company Co.Exist


The common argument against more funding for public transit is that it doesn't actually cut down on congestion. That argument might be bunk.

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City Ponders Leasing Airport to Raise Rail Cash 

Austin American Statesman


Austin could lease its airport to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for urban rail under a proposal that Mayor Lee Leffingwell and top city officials have been quietly exploring for more than six months.

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Denver West Line Construction Summary 

Denver Urbanism


We are only ONE DAY away from the newest RTD light rail line - and first FasTracks corridor - opening to the public!

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Shared Streets: Novelty or Panacea? 

Vibrant Bay Area


I've previous written about the complete streets concept, which aims to give pedestrians and bicyclists facilities equal to those given to drivers.

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How TIGER Changed Federal Transportation Funding 

DC Streetsblog


When the buzz about a new, stimulus-funded, discretionary transportation grant program started to circulate in 2009, some environmentalists opposed it.

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Colorado Gas Tax Revenue Now Open for Active Transport 

DC Streetsblog


Believe it or not, in many U.S. states one of the biggest obstacles to active transportation is in the constitution.

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How It Feels to Ride a 14 Foot Tall Bike 



The appropriately named Stoopid Tall bike is 14.5 feet high at the seat, making for a wobbly white-knuckle ride

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