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Transport: DC War On Cars, Albuquerque's Fake Subway Map, Philly Bike Share, Smartphones & Car Culture, Long Beach Cyclovia


There is No War on Cars in DC 

Washington City Paper


If the District of Columbia is in the midst of a war on cars, then last month was its Gettysburg.

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Albuquerque's Fake Subway Map Starts New Transit Conversations


Public transportation projects often take decades to fully complete and cost billions. But they empower communities, benefit the environment and reduce traffic congestion

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Pushing for a Philly Bike Share 

Next City


Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter's 2013 budget proposal included a line item eagerly awaited by smart growth proponents and bicycle advocates: A $3 million request to get a bike share program underway.

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Have Smartphones Killed Youth Car Culture? 

Real Clear Technology, via: Smart Growth America


Are Millennials growing up in American Graffiti, or The Matrix?

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Are Corporations Making Transit Systems Less Safe? 



Chris Hedges warns that corporate consolidation of public transportation is leading to increasingly dangerous conditions for both drivers and passengers, especially in intercity bus systems.

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Long Beach will Have Its Own Cyclovia 

LA Streetsblog


For readers and Long Beachers alike, they have known of my dream to bring a ciclovía to our city, my dream of shutting down a large stretch of street to make way for cyclists and skaters, walkers and runners.

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Frustration of San Francisco's Transit Riders Visualized 

The Atlantic Cities


If one were to somehow take a mental-health reading of San Francisco's public-transit riders at 6:30 p.m. on a Monday, it might look something like this:

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Collecting Data on the Habits of Passengers Underground in NYC 

New York Times, via: LA Metro Transportation Library


The decisions arrive with each approaching train, testing the hard-won instincts of the New York City subway rider - world-weary, antisocial and at all times strategic.

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Will Jordan Get Its Advanced Bus System 

The City Fix


For outside observers, Queen Rania Street, a bustling thoroughfare in central Amman, has an odd feature running for two kilometers down the center of the road: a vacant lane.

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