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Transport: Detroit Highway Fixation, Bike Safety In Numbers, San Antonio Streetcar Pros & Cons, Flying Train Concept


Detroit to Vote on Road Widening, Hasn't Learned 

We Are Mode Shift, via: @streetsblognet


The General Assembly of the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments will soon finalize both short and long-term priorities for transportation funding in the region.

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Safety in Numbers Proven in Bike Growth 

Minneapolis Star Tribune, via: @mikelydon


There are more bicycles in Minneapolis, but fewer bicycle-vehicle crashes. Think about that.

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How Not to Sound Elitist When Discussing Transit 

Human Transit


Reid Ewing and Keith Bartholomew, both at the University of Utah, have a new large-format paperback offering a concise overview of the basics on Pedestrian and Transit-Oriented design.

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San Antonio Streetcar Project is Polarizing 

San Antonio Express News


A forum on the pros and cons of six proposed streetcar routes turned into a passionate public referendum on the purpose and worth of the rail plan itself Monday night, as more than two dozen people expressed their opinions on the project.

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The Car is the Next Major Tech Platform 



The car is the next great proving ground for communications technology, General Motors Co Chief Executive Dan Akerson said on Thursday.

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Can Lima Finally Untangle Its Transportation Mess? 

Next City Informal City Dialogues


"One, one, five!" shouts the datero. Luis, one of Lima's more than 32,000 bus drivers, is slouched over the steering wheel. He curses. He knows what this means: He's got competition.

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Flying Train Concept Unveiled 

Global Rail News


Trains that clip to planes. It may sound unbelievable, but it is a genuine concept that has gone on display this week at an aerospace show in Paris.

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The Bike Lobby Rolls On 

Politico, via: Greater Greater Washington


The bicycle lobby is real. Wall Street Journal editorial board member Dorothy Rabinowitz drew widespread mockery when she suggested in an online video that "the bike lobby is an all-powerful enterprise"

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The Car is the Cigarrette of the Future 

The City Fix


According to Jaime Lerner, car exhaust is the new second-hand smoke. The visionary architect, urban planner, and former mayor of Curitiba has long been outspoken about the growing social stigma around private vehicle usage.

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Pittsburgh Business Leaders Seek More Transpo Funding 

Pittsburgh Post Gazette


As the state House continues consideration of transportation funding legislation, the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce are distributing these fliers in support of increased funding.

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