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Transport: Expo Line, Private Buses, VMT Declines, Buffalo LRT, Ray LaHood on Houston, SF Street Names


Expo Light Rail One Year Later

Neon Tommy , via: @cruickshank


When the Expo Line, Los Angeles Metro’s newest light rail line, opened in April 2012, initial ridership numbers were low, starting at around 11,000 per average weekday, a fact which many media sources reported on.

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The Hidden Private Bus Network

Metro Planning The Connector


When the removal of a certain “perk” causes a business to lose a dozen employees and shift its entire recruitment focus, that perk is a big deal.

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High Traffic Projections When VMT Declines

Net Density


Hennepin County is preparing to reconstruct a portion of Washington Avenue between Hennepin Avenue and 5th Avenue South.

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Amherst Might Be Next Destination for Buffalo LRT

Buffalo News


After decades of resistance, town leaders support a $1.6 million study to determine whether to expand NFTA service to UB North and beyond

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Paris’ Peripheral Ring Road Turns 40

Irish Times


To navigate the dense, usually fast-moving traffic of Paris’s Boulevard Périphérique, you need nerves of steel and 360degree vision.

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Ray LaHood Tells Houston to Get Act Together on Rail

Houston Chronicle


U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood likes Houston’s light rail that’s up and running but warns that regional transit officials have squandered opportunities the past decade by not building greater consensus.

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San Antonio Mayor Doesn’t Want Streetcars at the Alamo

San Antonio Express News


VIA Metropolitan’s downtown streetcars should not pass in front of the Alamo, Mayor Julián Castro and several council members told VIA Metropolitan Transit officials Wednesday at an informational session about the rail project.

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H Street Streetcars Could Run by End of Year



D.C. streetcars have arrived for testing, and officials say passengers could be able to catch a ride before the end of the year.

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A History of San Francisco Street Names

Price Tags


Just click a highlighted street on this interactive map by Noah Veltman and you can find out the history of the name.

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Four Reasons Free Sunday Parking is Bad for Chicago

Chicago Streetsblog


On Monday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel outlined some changes he’s proposing to the infamous parking meter deal the City Council approved in 2009 (henceforth to be referred to as “The Parking Meter Deal,” in recognition of its unique awfulness).

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Seeing Eye People Help You Walk and Text


A clever new video from Improv Everywhere and Buzzfeed pokes fun of our tech-obsessed culture.

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