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Transport: FT. Lauderdale Streetcar Tax, San Antonio Streetcar Routes, Explaining Bike Hatred, Sen. Frank Lautenberg


Downtown Taxes Considered for Fort Lauderdale Streetcars 

Sun Sentinel


With federal, state and local government contributions already lined up for the city's proposed Wave streetcar system, all that's left to determine is which downtown businesses and residents will also have to contribute and how much they will pay.

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Six Streetcar Routes on the Table in San Antonio 

San Antonio Express News


If VIA Metropolitan Transit trustees decide to build the longest of six proposed streetcar routes, the cost for the project could balloon to $272 million - $62 million more than what the agency currently can afford to spend on the downtown rail system.

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Are Cyclists Really the Devil Incarnate? 

Crikey Australia


Fairfax columnist Bruce Guthrie is upset cyclists are getting dedicated road space at the expense of motorists.

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Can Anyone Explain the Bike Hatred? 

Brad Delong, via: DC Streetsblog


DEATH BY BICYCLE: Wall Street Journal Goes Absolutely Ballistic Over New York's New Bike Share Plan: Big thanks to Josh Brown for pointing this gem out.

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LaHood Urges 5 Year Transportation Bill 

Detroit News


U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood on Saturday urged Great Lakes governors to step up pressure on Congress to pass a five-year transportation funding bill with new revenues.

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Sen. Frank Lautenberg Dead at 89 

The Hill


Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.), 89, died Monday morning after serving in Congress for more than 30 years.

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Comparative Subway Construction Costs 

Pedestrian Observations


Here is a list of subway projects in the last 15-20 years, in both developed and developing countries. It's in addition to my initial lists for developed and developing countries, but includes projects mentioned in past blog posts not on those two lists.

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Congress to Explore Future of Northeast Corridor 

Washington Post


You will have to travel to Manhattan to be on hand for this congressional hearing. And if you take Amtrak, you may be able to provide some useful insight.

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Toronto Region Unveils $34B Transit Plan To Much Critique 

Transport Politic


With C$16 billion in transit expansion already underway, Ontario wants to line up twice as much funding for dozens of new subways, light rail lines, and bus rapidways.

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Attacking the Language Bias in Transportation 

DC Streetsblog


"Improvement." "Upgrade." "Level of Service." The traffic engineering profession is full of buzzwords laden with meaning - and, for the most part, the embedded meaning is something to the effect of "cars are king."

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