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Transport: Google Transit Vs. Real Maps, Chicago Elevated Bike Lanes, Indianapolis Outer Highway Loop, Traffic Jams Cause Mental Illness


Docklands Light Rail Breaks Ridership Record


The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) has carried one-hundred-million passengers in the past year, breaking all previous records for passenger numbers on the system.

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Google Transit Will Never Replace a Real Map 

Human Transit, Nate Wessel


I've heard quite a few times that Google Transit and similar technologies have made hand-rendered transit maps outdated.

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Elevated Bike Lanes Coming to Chicago 

Chicago Streetsblog


I'm a fan of the city's efforts to get a total of 100 miles of protected bike lanes (which put a physical barrier between cyclists and moving traffic) and buffered bike lanes (conventional bike lanes with extra dead space striped on either side) by 2015.

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MN Gov Opts for Sales Tax Over Bond for SWLRT 

Minneapolis Star Tribune


Unlike last year, Gov. Mark Dayton on Monday excluded the Southwest Corridor light-rail project from his state public works funding proposal, over the pleas of some other DFLers.

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Bid to Create Outer Indianapolis Highway Loop 

Indianapolis Star


For opponents of the Indiana Commerce Connector, it's a bad idea that just won't go away.

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Gas Taxes are Here to Stay 

National Journal


Transportation gurus are fond of saying that the gas tax is a defunct, antiquated, good-for-nothing way of financing roads, bridges, and railways.

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Light Rail Touted as Cure for Copenhagen Congestion 

Copenhagen Post


A city-wide network of light rail could plug public transport gaps and reduce congestion according to a Technical University of Denmark report

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Traffic Jams Can Cause Mental Illness 

Independent Online, via: Joe Hultquist


As most of us know only too well, even at the best of times they're just plain infuriating.

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Does Austin to San Antonio Line Need Local Cheerleader? 

San Antonio Express News


It sounds like a great idea, particularly when you're stuck in wall-to-wall traffic: build a passenger rail line between Austin and San Antonio that can shuttle people between the two cities in an hour and a half or less, and help dilute the congestion on Interstate 35.

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