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Transport: Healthy Cycling, British Columbia's Transit Dreams, Map21 Helps Rural States, GAO Says HSR Estimates Reasonable

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Biking Shown as Good Way to Stay Healthy 



It's always a pleasure when scientific studies confirm your own long-held opinions, especially when what you think flies in the face of all conventional wisdom.


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British Columbia's Transit Dreams 

The Globe and Mail


It's 2020. Vancouver is basking in admiring attention from urban-watchers around the world for its spectacular transit system.


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CTA Wants Extra Cash from Ventra Debit Transactions 

Chicago Tribune, via: The Transit Wire


The CTA will receive a cash infusion of at least a half-million dollars a year that won't come from the farebox, and some of it will be paid by customers who are hit by fees from the new Ventra prepaid debit card.


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Map 21 Transportation Funds Help Rural States 

Argus Leader, via: DC Streetsblog


Federal funding that provides $21.3 billion for public transportation in the next two years addresses a vital need in rural states such as South Dakota and allows states to confidently plan to deal with their public transportation issues.


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GAO: High Speed Rail Estimates Are Reasonable 

The Hill


Ridership and revenue estimates for a controversial high-speed railway proposal in California are "reasonable," according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO).


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History of Interurban Lines in Marin 

Vibrant Bay Area


In 1941, the last ferry and the last train ran on the NWP Interurban rail line, and Marin was handed over to battle for its life against the car-centric development unleashed by the Golden Gate Bridge.


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How Much Driving is Avoided by Riding a Bike 

DC Streetsblog


If Jane Doe rides her bike a mile to the post office and then back home, is it fair to assume she just avoided two miles of driving?


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GAO HSR Report Fuels Critics/Supporters in California 

Sacramento Bee


Proximity to amenities - an area's accessibility - has become one of the key determinants of a residential property's value, according to the Real Estate Investment Network.


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