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Transport: I-5 Bridge Collapse, Bikeshare & Bike Ownership, Empty Infrastructure, Cleveland 'Opportunity Corridor'


Section of I-5 Bridge Collapses in Washington State 

Los Angeles Times


Nobody dies as people and vehicles are plunged into the Skagit River. Witnesses say an oversize load on a truck hit the bridge before a large section collapsed.

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Bikeshare a Gateway to Bike Ownership 

Greater Greater Washington


One bike shop owner has grumpy words about Capital Bikeshare riders, while some users run into full and empty stations.

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Why Bike Share Makes Sense for New York 

Regional Plan Association, Jeff Zupan


Looking like slots on a machine awaiting giant coins to set them into action, the rows of gun-metal-color bike stations are proliferating in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

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Mostly Empty Syndrome (Infrastructure) 



If you have been following this blog, you may have detected a theme, I don't like the public wasting money on un-needed infrastructure.

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Discussing Cleveland's "Opportunity Corridor" 



Cleveland is planning to spend $350 million on a three-mile road that will cut through some of its poorest neighborhoods and establish a neat path from I490 to the Cleveland Clinic.

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Court Order May Force Wisconsin DOT to Improve Transit 

Metro Magazine


Last week, a federal judge ruled that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) must rethink its plans to expand a highway interchange, and reassess its neglect of public transit options, according to Express Milwaukee.

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Lawmakers form Public Transit Caucus 

The Hill


A bipartisan pair of lawmakers in the House announced on Thursday that they were forming a caucus for public transportation supporters.

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Council Approves Leimert Park Station 

NBC Los Angeles, via: Metro Library


The Los Angeles City Council Wednesday approved $40 million for the construction of a rail stop at Leimert Park on the Crenshaw Line.

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Metro to Open North Line Early 

Houston Chronicle


Christmas will come early - but just barely - for riders looking forward to Metro's North Line light rail extension.

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