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Transport: Improving Tampa Transit, SF Transit-First Policy, Netherlands Park N Ride Lessons, Safe Feeling Bike Lanes, Small City HSR Benefit


Commissioners Discuss How to Improve Tampa Transit 

Tampa Bay Times


Hillsborough commissioners voted unanimously Wednesday to begin discussions with the county's three mayors and other government leaders about future transportation needs.

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San Francisco Ignoring 40 Year Old Transit First Policy 

Huffington Post


If you live in San Francisco and pay attention to transportation issues, there's no doubt you are aware: San Francisco is officially a "Transit-First" city.

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Obama Consider Charlotte Mayor for DOT Post 

The Hill


President Obama is considering appointing Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx (D) to run the transportation department in his second term, according to a report.

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How Park N Ride Encourages Auto Use in the Netherlands 

Atlantic Cities


On paper, park-and-ride facilities seem like the ultimate transport compromise.

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Creating Bike Lanes That Feel Safe 

Chicago Streetsblog


As Steven Vance wrote recently, protected bicycle lanes will be crucial for boosting Chicago's bike mode share because they attract the "interested but concerned" set that doesn't yet feel comfortable riding on city streets.

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A Bike Friendly Heavy Truck for London 

Guardian UK


A lower driving position and bigger windows could help curb the number of serious cyclist accidents involving construction lorries.

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Smaller Cities Benefit from HSR Connections to Big Cities


Bullet trains fuel real-estate booms, improve quality of life and create other unintended consequences by sharply reducing commute times from smaller cities to large megacities, economists from UCLA and China's Tsinghua University observed in a new study in China.

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Rail Requires Civic Maturity in Austin 

Austin American Statesman


Discussion about building passenger rail in Austin began about 40 years ago. Then a decade later Austin voters approved the creation of a transit agency with an ancillary mission, aside from running a bus system, of planning, building and operating a rail system.

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Pleasures of Reduced Peak Traffic at Stanford U 

Stanford News, via: Yoriko K.


While Stanford comfortably achieved its morning trip-count goal, afternoon peak-hour trips were only one trip under the limit last fall.

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A Better Than Car Mobility System 

World Streets, via: Ron K.


Nobody likes to step down on the scale of comfort and economy. Fair enough, so let's see how we can step up.

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