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Transport: India's Electric Vehicle Future, Financing Infrastructure, Essential Zurich Transit, Dedicated Lanes Speed SF Bus Lines


Future of India Depends on Electric Vehicles 

Business Standard


Public transport is very crucial for a nation as it provides access to employment, community resources, medical care and recreational opportunities.

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New Financing Tools Needed for Infrastructure 



There is a growing recognition of America's underinvestment in its infrastructure. Many elements of our most critical systems are aging, deteriorating, and severely congested, as evidenced by the D+ grade that the American Society of Civil Engineers recently gave to the nation's infrastructure.

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Prague Tunnel Might Never Be Finished 



The longest urban tunnel for motorised transport in Europe, which has been under construction since 2007 in Prague, may never be finished.

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Public Transit Is Essential to Zurich 

The Atlantic Cities


I don't think filmmaker Alessandro Della Bella intended to make a video about transit in Zurich, but trains, trams, streetcars and the people who ride them are the clear stars in this hyper-fun time-lapse video.

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Commuter Describes Changing His Life 

DC Streetsblog


Upon graduating from college at UCLA, I moved back home to Chicago to start my working career as an engineer.

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Texas Governor Turns Down Funding Source for Roads 

Dallas Morning News


What a pickle. The House kicked away a good plan to raise new highway money, facing a veto threat from Gov. Rick Perry. The deal-breaker was $15 a year - or $1.25 a month - in higher vehicle registration fees.

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Dedicated Lanes Have Made Muni More Reliable 

SF Streetsblog


Seven weeks after the SF Municipal Transportation Agency painted red transit-only lanes on several blocks of Church Street, Muni reports that the J-Church and 22-Fillmore lines are moving faster and more reliably.

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New Plan for Charlotte Streetcar Expected Monday 

Charlotte Observer


Out with the streetcar. In with the CityLynx Gold Line. In an effort to breathe life into Charlotte's stalled streetcar plan, City Manager Ron Carlee has rebranded the electric trolley line.

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Cycling's Mode Share in Amsterdam and London 

Drawing Rings Around the World


This presentation by Rene Meijer of the City of Amsterdam has a useful chart showing the transport mode split in Amsterdam by the length of the journey.

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