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Transport: Innovative Infra Financing, Local Roads & Fewer Freeways, Denmark Cycle School, Bogotá Pedestrian Safety


Finalists for Innovative Infrastructure Financing Award 

National Journal


Florida provided a model for infrastructure improvements in cash-strapped times when it inked a deal in 2009 to ease congestion and upgrade Interstate 595.

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State Needs More Local Roads and Transit, Less Freeways 

Green Bay Press Gazette, via: Phineas Baxandall


You wouldn't think the state has a transportation funding problem, judging by the amount of work being done on U.S. 41 and Wisconsin 29 in the Green Bay area. But it does.

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Cycle School Part of System for Teaching Kids Transport 



In the Municipality of Odense's project, "Cycle School," the bike has become part of the solution to many challenges rather than a question of why the kids don't bike to school. Here, the bike has been integrated into all aspects of the school's daily routines.

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Bogota Fighting Ped Safety Backslide 

The Atlantic Cities


Since the mid-1990s, urban activists have held up Bogotá as an example of what a municipal government can achieve when it sets its mind to making a city safer and more friendly to people traveling by bicycle, foot, or mass transit.

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In California, Drivers Want More Bike Lanes 

DC Streetsblog


Whenever street space is allocated for bicycling, someone will inevitably level the accusation that the city is waging a "war on cars."

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Should Bike Share be an Employee Benefit 

The Atlantic Cities


New York-based tech company Percolate, a small marketing firm that helps businesses create content pegged to social media, takes pride in promoting an active employee lifestyle.

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Taking Out Road Link Won't Hurt 

Walkable DFW


I made maps! More maps! This time in simplistic cartoonish form. Here is downtown Dallas and vicinity highway system overlaid on top of an aerial which I'm excluding to prevent distraction:

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Coming of the #Nerdtrain 

Amtrak Blog


Who says Spring Break has to end? Ever. When one group of young people came up with a hair-brain idea about meeting in different cities around the country and traveling to them by train, it was all about the fun and adventure.

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