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Transport: Kicking Car Habit In LA, Denver Highway Expansion, Math Solution To Traffic, Distracted Walking Danger


Los Angeles Trying to Kick the Car Habit 

Boston Globe


Los Angeles embodied America's love affair with the automobile in the last century. In this one, it is trying to kick the car to the curb.

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Highway Expansion in Denver Encourages More Than Just Driving 

New York Times


Driving to Boulder from here offers a spectacular mountain panorama, but the nearer view is anything but impressive. U.S. 36, the unlovely highway that connects the cities, is crowded and often painfully slow, dotted with malls, fast-food restaurants and other commercial flotsam.

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SF Wants to Crowdsource Bikeshare Stations 

KALW SF Public Radio, via: SF Streetsblog


Bike sharing is coming to San Francisco and Silicon Valley this August. It's being launched on a small scale at first - just 750 bikes in the whole system. So the big question is: where should the bikes go?

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Honolulu Mayor Wants Bike Lanes Under Rail Line 

Honolulu Business Journals


Mayor Kirk Caldwell says the city is considering placing a bicycle path underneath the elevated tracks of Honolulu's planned $5.16 billion rail transit system.

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Math Can be the Key to Solving Traffic 

The Conversation, via: Crikey Urbanist


Mathematics may not be the first thing your mind turns to when you are caught in a traffic jam. Yet mathematics holds the key to understanding how traffic congestion develops, and how to prevent it.

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Destructive Toll on Distracted Walkers 

Transportation Nation


Researchers at Ohio State University have scrupulously documented the dangers distracted walking and determined they are many.

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The State of State Transit Funding 

DC Streetsblog


States increased their transit spending more than 5 percent between 2007 and 2011, reaching $13.9 billion annually, according to a recent report from the Association of American State Highway and Transportation Officials.

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