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Transport: Life At 3MPH, LA BRT Crush Loaded, Conservatives & Bicycles, An Infrastructure Bank Without Fed Money


Video: What If We Lived at 3MPH? 

TEDX, via: @Civitae


What if we all lived life at 3 mph? Wayfarer Jonathon has walked thousands of miles over the last few years in response to that question, including an across-country walk

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Orange Line BRT Crush Loaded 

Zev Yaroslavsky Blog, via: @ttpolitic


The Orange Line is feeling the squeeze. An immediate success upon its opening in 2005, ridership continues to surge on the San Fernando Valley's dedicated busway, which runs from Woodland Hills and Chatsworth to North Hollywood.

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Why Conservatives Should Embrace Bicycles 

Twin Cities Sidewalks


There's a certain bar in my city that is famous for being right-wing. It's an old family joint in a run-down corner of downtown.

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A $750B Infrastructure Bank with No Federal Funds 

Transportation Issues Daily


Can you imagine an infrastructure bank loaning up to $750 billion to state and local agencies, using no federal funds?

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DeFazio Leaving T&I for Natural Resources Could Leave Committee Spot 



With Peter DeFazio vying for the ranking membership of the full Natural Resources Committee, an opening could soon come for the top Dem slot on T&I's coveted subcommittee on Highways and Transit.

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Do We Suddenly Hate Driving? 

National Journal


I hate driving, actually. The only reason I do it is because my 10-year-old needs someone to cart him around the city.

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Miami's Lost Transit Vision 

Transit Miami


Forty years since the publication of a visionary transportation planning document, the shortcomings of Miami-Dade County's transportation reality suggest that we lost our vision somewhere along the highway, literally.

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Obama Budget Would Save Transport, If It Were Real 

DC Streetsblog


President Obama's transportation budget proposal can give you a contact high if you stand too close. The prospect of budget surpluses - in the near-term, at least - is intoxicating.

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