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Transport: Maryland Seeks Fed Funds For LRT, Regulating Ride Sharing, House Panel Vs. LaHood, Reducing Driving Saves Colleges Money


Maryland Presses for Federal Support in Building LRT Systems 

Baltimore Sun


Backed by an affirming legislative session and soon to be flush with transportation money, state officials went to Washington on Monday to assure the administration that Maryland has both the means and the will to build two light rail systems.

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How Should Government Regulate Private Ride Sharing? 

Greater Greater Washington


The vast majority of cars being driven around the city have empty seats. Why not let people sell some of them, make some money, and provide more transportation without more traffic?

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Governor Patrick Hopeful on Mass. State Transit Funding 

Boston Globe


Governor Deval Patrick said Thursday he is open to the state Senate's transportation financing plan, comments that could end a tense standoff between the governor and legislative leaders, who have not spoken in weeks.

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Sparks Fly in Congressional Meetings with LaHood 

DC Streetsblog


From the beginning of today's hearing, Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee made it clear they weren't going to let Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood's last appearance before them be an easy one.

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Colleges Save Millions By Embracing Policies to Reduce Driving 

DC Streetsblog


Jeffrey Tumlin was managing transportation programs at Stanford in the mid-1990s, when he made an important finding: It was cheaper for the university to pay people not to drive than to build new parking structures.

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Vietnam Building Metros to Stem the Tide of Auto Ownership 

New York Times Latitudes


A developed city is not one in which the poor get around by car but one in which the rich get around by public transit, a former mayor of Bogota once said.

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Why is Translink Held More Accountable Than Other Agencies? 

Price Tags


It always strikes me as odd that TransLink is held to a higher level of public accountability than the other big transportation spenders: the Ministry of Transportation, Port Metro Vancouver, BC Ferries and the Vancouver Airport Authority.

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Taxi Operators Gear Up for Fight with Lyft, Uber 

San Francisco Chronicle


A turf war is raging on the streets of San Francisco - not in dark alleys but in front of hotels, restaurants and clubs, and in the meeting rooms of regulatory agencies.

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