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Transport: Moscow Bike Sharing, NJ Amtrak Tunnel Funds, Citi Bike Popularity, Nashville BRT Push, CAHSR Trial Starts


Moscow Tries Bike Sharing 

New Yorker


"It's not easy to ride a bike in Moscow," cautioned Alexey Mityaev, the floppy-haired, jeans-wearing twenty-seven-year-old adviser to the head of the Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development, as we headed out on a test run of the city bike-share program that just launched in the Russian capital.

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NJ Amtrak Tunnel Plan Gets Some Federal Funding 

Transportation Nation


Since the ARC NJ Transit tunnel under the Hudson River was killed over two years ago, planners have been lighting a feeble flame under the hope of a second "Gateway" tunnel, for Amtrak trains.

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Citi Bike Tops 7,500 Trips on Day 3 

NY Streetsblog


Citi Bike has been compiling daily stats on usage and membership on its blog, and in the 24 hours between 5 p.m. Tuesday and 5 p.m. Wednesday, users logged 7,500 trips on the bike-share system.

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Mayor Commits $7.5M for BRT Push 

Nashville Tennessean


Declaring it an investment in Nashville's future, Mayor Karl Dean on Wednesday called for spending $7.5 million to continue development of a 7.1-mile bus rapid transit system through the heart of the city.

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Big California HSR Trial Starts Monday 

San Jose Mercury News


High-speed rail officials acknowledged Thursday that they almost certainly won't break ground on the $69 billion project as planned in July after hitting some last-minute bumps in the road.

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If Washington Ave Doesn't Deserve BRT, What Does? 

Getting Around Minneapolis


According to Hennepin County, around 7,500 bus riders will travel on Washington Ave at peak hour (4:30-5:30 PM) between Hennepin and 35W on an average weekday in the year 2035.

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Cyclists Not Just White 

Grist, via: Metro Library


Even as it grows in popularity, cycling just can't shake its reputation as a pastime for spandex - or skinny jean-clad white people.

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Bay Area Needs a Second Tube 

Urban Life Signs


What with today's BART Transbay Tube Maintenance Train Tossup and the ongoing Bay Bridge Bolt Bust, it calls to mind that we really need a third viable option for crossing the bay from Oakland to San Francisco

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New Rail Ideas Coming Down the Track 

The Economist


New train technologies are less visible and spread less quickly than improvements to cars or planes. But there is still plenty of innovation going on, and ideas are steadily making their way out onto the rails

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Where's the National Business Voice for Transit 

DC Streetsblog


At the local level, business has been a key force in cementing transit victories.

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