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Transport: Mountain View Traffic Goal, Norfolk Transit Fiscal Issues, LA Metro Measure R Acceleration, Supply Side Congestion Combat


Mountain View Council Walks Back Traffic Reduction Goal 

San Jose Mercury News


The Mountain View City Council backed away Tuesday from its earlier position that no new net vehicle trips should result from future development in the North Bayshore Area and instead set its sights on lowering the drive-alone rate from 62 percent to 45 percent by 2030.

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Norfolk Transit Agency's Fiscal Issues Front and Center 

Virginian Pilot


The agency that runs the region's buses, light-rail line and other public transportation has serious problems with its finances, organizational structure and record-keeping, according to a report to be discussed Thursday by its governing board.

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LA Metro Seeks Another Avenue for Measure R Acceleration 

The Source


In 2010, the Metro Board of Directors approved the 30/10 plan, the idea being to build 30 years worth of Measure R projects in the next decade.

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Innacuracy of Supply Side Congestion Combat 

Walkable DFW


Both of these graphs come from Todd Litman at VTPI who does better work than anybody debunking the various visible and invisible arms of the highway lobby systematically siphoning money from public coffers without providing the promised public good:

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Painless Commutes 

Half Mile Circles


Some places just don't have the density of jobs and residents and intensity of activity that justifies an investment in rail transit.

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Should US Transit Spending Redistribute Wealth? 

Human Transit


Should the goal of US Federal transit spending be the redistribution of wealth?

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San Francisco Law Will Collect Real Time Taxi Data 



The San Francisco board of supervisors will vote on a law that will require all taxis to transmit their locations to a central system.

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Houston Metro Works to Make Bus System Easier to Use 

Houston Chronicle


Metro plans on rebuilding its bus system, from restructuring routes to creating a more efficient network to boost ridership

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Misadventures in My First American Bus Ride 

Mobility Lab, via: @stateofplaceorg


I must have been 21, since I'm pretty sure I had already graduated college and was working at Y&R in Brickell Key in Miami.

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