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Transport: MPG Illusion, Oregon Tri-Met Audit, Cincinnati Streetcar Funding, Arlington TX Votes For Bus Line


Stop Thinking About Miles Per Gallon to Boost Fuel Economy 

Washington Post, Brad Plummer


Here's a simple math puzzle that the vast majority of people get wrong:

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State Wants Tri-Met Operations Audited 

Portland Oregonian


Responding to growing concerns about how TriMet is being run, Oregon lawmakers have called on Secretary of State Kate Brown to conduct an unprecedented audit of operations and finances at the state's largest public transit agency.

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OKI Can't Rescind Cincinnati Streetcar Funding 

Cincinnati Inquirer


The $4 million Ohio Kentucky Indiana Regional Council of Governments pledged to Cincinnati's streetcar project can't be rescinded.

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Largest City Without Transit Votes to Get a Line 

Dallas Morning News


The Arlington City Council on Tuesday approved a two-year agreement with Dallas Area Rapid Transit to operate a commuter bus line between the downtown College Park District and the Trinity Railway Express CentrePort station in Fort Worth, south of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

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Nazi Islamic Bikes from Hell 

New York Times Opinionator, Paul Krugman


Well, yesterday I was inconvenienced by the new Citi Bikes: a newly installed line of bike racks blocked the place where I usually cross John Street, forcing me to make a 20-foot detour.

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