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Transport: New Frontiers in Transit Denial, Fort Worth & Cottonbelt Line, LA's Red Car Conspiracy Theory, $4B In TIFIA & TIGER In Fed Plan, Bike Infrastructure Investment


New Frontiers in Transit Denial 

Human Transit


This just in from the BBC: Technology giant Philips corporation sent some people to the extremely busy Singapore bus system to imagine an alternative to typical fixed-route bus service.

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Fort Worth May Back Cottonbelt Line After All 

Fort Worth Star Telegram


Fort Worth officials say they're willing to support the proposed private development of the Cotton Belt commuter rail line, if they can be assured that any federal funds awarded for the Tarrant County portion of the project aren't spent in the Dallas area.

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Audio: Is the Red Car Conspiracy Theory True? 

Southern California Public Radio, via: Transportation Nation


Sunday marks the 50th anniversary of the end of all streetcars in L.A., including the Red Car transit system, which ran on 1,100 miles of track.

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Should Oregon Gas Tax be Spent on Anti Congestion Projects 

Portland Oregonian


Gasoline tax money and vehicle fees can be spent only on highway and road and bridge projects, the kinds of projects that tend to increase vehicle capacity.

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$4B for TIFIA, TIGER in Obama's Rebuild America Partnership Plan 

Progressive Railroading


President Barack Obama on Friday unveiled a "Rebuild America Partnership" plan, which aims to bolster the nation's transportation infrastructure by encouraging private investments and providing $14 billion for transportation projects.

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Investing in Bike Infrastructure Now to Save Later 

Walkable DFW


Chicago wants 650 miles of segregated bike lanes by 2020. NYC has a goal of 1800 miles by 2030.

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Atlanta Ridership Declines, Goes Against National Trend 



Eduardo Schoen rode MARTA until last month when he joined a trend that has plagued the transit agency for years. He jumped back in his SUV, making him one of thousands of former MARTA riders to give up on public transportation in recent years.

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Mountain View Provides New Incentives for Transit Use 

Peninsula Transportation


In recent weeks, in individual new developments and plans for districts, Mountain View is moving forward with a variety of ways to incent transit use and shift mode share away from driving alone.

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Rep Garrett Wants to Allow States to Opt Out of Federal Transportation 

DC Streetsblog


In order to "address our insolvent transportation program and end the taxpayer bailouts of the Highway Trust Fund," Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) has introduced a bill to let states "opt out" of the federal transportation program altogether.

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Transit Information Offered in 200 Languages in Twin Cities 

Minneapolis Star Tribune, via: Transport Communications Newsletter


Whatever your tongue, Metro Transit and suburban transit providers are speaking your language.

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