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Transport: Parking Meters & Credit Cards, Legislating Autonomous Cars, Class & NY Bikeshare, New Buenos Aires BRT Corridors


Parking Meters Making More Off Credit Cards Than Cash 

Los Angeles Times


For the first time, the city parking department made more from credit and debit cards in March than it did from cash. Convenience is key, an official says.

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Feds Have No Clue How to Legislate Autonomous Cars 

Wired Autopia


With everyone from Audi to Google to Volvo developing autonomous vehicles, the federal government is cautiously getting behind the wheel to regulate how self-driving cars should be operated and legislated.

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Our Driven Upper Class 

New York Times Opinionator, Paul Krugman


Like many of us, Atrios is still having fun with the hysterical WSJ screed against rental bicycles. Unusually for him, however, I think he fails to fully recognize the role of class in the whole discussion.

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Ray LaHood Says Big Obama Transpo Funding Announcement Soon 



Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today said that later this year, the president could make a significant announcement about transportation funding - but he offered few details on what, exactly, such an announcement might entail.

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Buenos Aires Adds Two BRT Corridors 

C40 Blog


These are exciting times in Buenos Aires for public transit. With two major Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridors currently under construction, and one already complete, this C40 city is taking sustainable public transport to the next level.

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The Transit Legacy of Frank Lautenberg 

Next City


Frank Lautenberg, the five-term U.S. senator from New Jersey who died on Monday, has been remembered over the past two days as an astute businessman, an advocate of liberal causes and the last World War II veteran to serve in the Senate.

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Interview with US Chief Freight Policy Planner 

DC Streetsblog


On Thursday, U.S. DOT announced the 47 people who will make up the new Freight Advisory Committee, tasked with coming up with a cohesive, strategic vision around freight movement in the United States.

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Wilshire Bus Lanes to Open Soon 

The Source


If you ride a bus that travels down Wilshire Boulevard during peak hours, you should see a slight improvement in travel time starting tomorrow morning.

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Bike Share is Brilliant, Complaints Are Bogus 

Business Insider


Although New York City's new bike share system has been successful so far, it has generated a lot of complaints.

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