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Transport: Pittsburgh Busways, Airport Empty Terminals, Pittsburgh's Hard to Find Light Rail Stations


IDTP Gives Pittsburgh Busways Bronze Rating

Pittsburgh Post Gazette


Port Authority’s busways earned international recognition today from a company that evaluates and rates buses-only corridors around the globe.

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What’s Next for Fastracks in Denver

Denver Urbanism


Now that the West Rail Line is open and FasTracks has moved back into the limelight, a lot of you may be asking “what’s next?”

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Airport Desertion and Airline Consolidation

American Dirt


Several weeks ago I explored one of the most obvious consequences of the veritable implosion of the commercial airline industry.

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Federal Opportunity Coming for Funding Transportation

DC Streetsblog


MAP-21 expires in a year and five months. When it does, if lawmakers haven,t already found a solution to the “transportation fiscal cliff,” they’ll have to do one of three things, according to a report issued last week by the Congressional Budget Office

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Wireless Catenary for Nanjing

Railways Africa


Nanjing, capital of China’s Jiangsu Province, is to have two tramlines operating in its downtown districts by 2014.

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Metro Releases First Look at HOT Lane Data

The Transit Coalition


With Metro releasing its preliminary findings on the I-110 HOT lanes, the Los Angeles Times gets in on the action.

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Turnout, Transit, and Trust in Austin

Keep Austin Wonky


Is the Red Line Circulator (a.k.a the “Mueller” route) the only politically feasible initial urban rail sequence? Some proponents of the preliminary urban rail route generated by the Project Connect process imply this is the case.

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Pittsburgh’s Light Rail Stations are Hard to Find

Pittsburgh Public Source


The Hillcrest light-rail stop is not easy to find. There is no sign at either entrance. Tucked between two hills in Bethel Park, it’s barely visible from nearby roads. The closest landmark is a Walgreens.

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