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Transport: Texas Untoll Road, Maryland Indexing Gas Tax, San Antonio Streetcar Routes, St. Louis Streetcar Feasibility, Dallas Downtown Light Rail Connector


$3B Plan Would End Tolls on New Road 

Austin American Statesman, via: @WalkableDFW


How could the state lure people away from Interstate 35 and onto the Texas 130 tollway several miles to the east? State Rep. Paul Workman has a $3 billion answer to that question: make it free.

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Maryland Moves to Index Gas Tax, Add Sales Tax for Transport 

T4 America Blog


When Maryland's Intercounty Connector (ICC) highway opened in 2011, it did more than create a new east-west toll road between I-270 and I-95 in the northern suburbs of Washington, DC: It also severely hampered Maryland's ability to build other large-scale transportation projects for years to come.

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San Antonio Transit Looks at Streetcar Routes 

San Antonio Express News


More than a year and a half after they originally voted to build a streetcar system, VIA Metropolitan Transit board members got their first look Tuesday at where the downtown rail project could actually go.

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St. Louis Streetcar Feasibility Study Final Report Released 

Citizens for Modern Transit Blog


The Final Report for the St. Louis Streetcar Feasibility study has been released and is available online.

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The Return of Dallas' Downtown Light Rail Connector 

Walkable DFW


D2 has been back in the news lately, as DART recommences study on the proposed 2nd downtown line.

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Governor McCrory Doesn't Like Durham-Orange Light Rail Plan 

The Daily Tarheel


The fate of the proposed Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit Project might be in jeopardy after state officials expressed reservations about funding the controversial project.

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Another Slanted CNN Piece on High Speed Rail 

DC Streetsblog


Not one to back away from a terrible argument, CNN's Anderson Cooper is sticking with his series exposing the "boondoggle" of federal high-speed rail funding.

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Incentives Make Transit Use More Appealing 

Urban Times


When millions of Americans start their cars to begin their morning commute, few likely consider what economists call opportunity cost.

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Contract Signed for Bay Area Bike Share 

Next City


After a number of delays, the wheels are turning on a bike share program for the Bay Area.

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London's 'Cycling' Community and Sustainable Transport 

Urban Times


Cycling to work the other day, I found myself waiting at a set of traffic lights that signal when cyclists may cross the ever-busy Goswell Road.

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