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Transport: Transit Wiki, Richmond VA Transit Network Plans, Driving Down & Highway Spending Up, Speeding Seattle Transit Studies


Transit Wiki for Information Sharing 

Human Transit


I've recently learned of a new resource for sharing knowledge and best practices related to transit planning:

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Richmond VA Plans New Transit Network 

Greater Greater Washington


Richmond has the bones of a good city. It's small, with only a million people in its whole metro area, but it has a relatively large downtown and some very high-quality urban neighborhoods.

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Wisconsin: Driving Down, Highway Spending Up 

DC Streetsblog


Young people are driving less. Baby boomers are driving less. Americans in general are driving less.

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Seattle Mayor Wants to Speed Transit Studies 

The Stranger Slog, via: Robert Cruikshank


At a press conference today in Fremont, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn proposed $800,000 in supplemental budget spending to accelerate planning of two transportation projects.

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Is 7 Extension to New Jersey Back On? 

Transportation Nation


The Bloomberg Administration is saying it's still a good idea to extend the 7 subway train from the west side of Manhattan to a major transit hub in Secaucus, New Jersey.

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Decision on East Link Cost Savings Near in Bellevue 

Seattle Transit Blog


By the end of April, an important milestone in the East Link saga will be complete.

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Rockefeller Foundation Supports BRT in Four Cities 

Rockefeller Foundation


The Rockefeller Foundation today announced a $1.2M, four-city project to support local efforts to build Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems in Boston, Chicago, Nashville and Pittsburgh.

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A Post Taxi Medallion World 



The priceonomics blog has a great post on traditional taxis (medallion-based systems) vs new ridesharing startups (technology-based systems like Sidecar, Lyft, Uber and Instantcab).

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Shanghai Plans for 800KM (500M) of Tramways in Outer Districts 

Global Times


The city government plans to build up to 800 kilometers of electric streetcar lines in the city's outer districts, local media reported Wednesday.

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East Twin Cities Trying to Catch Up with Transit Expansion 

Minnesota Public Radio


State lawmakers will announce proposals later this week to help pay for expanding mass transit in the Twin Cities.

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