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Transport: Twin Cities Transit, Tampa's Transit Election, Frontrunner Ridership, Transit Clubs, Hudson Bergen LRT


Without Transit Plans, Twin Cities Not Competitive

Minneapolis Star Tribune


During a spring in which almost anything seems possible, here’s a headline you’re not going to see: “Salt Lake City agrees to stop transit construction so Twin Cities can catch up.”

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Tampa’s Hopes of City Transit Election Fail in Statehouse

St. Petersburg Times


It was a long shot from the start, and now Tampa’s hope to hold its own transit tax referendum is dead for the year.

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Frontrunner Celebrates 5th Birthday, Higher Ridership

Salt Lake Tribune


As the FrontRunner commuter train system just passed its fifth birthday, its popularity may finally be picking up speed after chugging along for years without growth.

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Promoting Transit as a Club Membership



In a recent Streets.MN post David King and I argued that transit is usually best thought of as a club good, and the relevant club-members should be its users and potential users.

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Oregon Iron Trying to Make Good on Streetcar

Portland Oregonian, via: Portland Transport


In 1974, I took a chance. Together with a friend, I bought a struggling metal shop in Portland that we thought we could turn into a successful operation.

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Editorial: Streetcar Good Idea, Bad Planning

Cincinnati Inquirer


The latest plan to pay for the Cincinnati streetcar just adds more patches to an already patched-up financing plan.

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Tucson Pays Consultant to Oversee Streetcar Construction

Arizona Star


Tucson is paying a consultant more than $4 million to monitor construction of its streetcars in Oregon – and repeated delays at the factory are expected to push that figure even higher.

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Hudson Bergen LRT Extension Would Stop Sooner

The Jersey Journal


NJ Transit has abandoned plans to extend the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail to Tenafly in favor of a plan to end the line at Englewood Hospital, the Record reported.

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Transit Isn’t One Size Fits All

Greater Greater Washington


The District is building a streetcar system while also studying the potential for express bus lanes in key areas.

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