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Urban Issues: A NIMBY Paradise, Controlling Austin Development, Oil Addicted Cities, Seattle Affordable Housing Debate, Unemployment From Child's Perspective


New York City is a NIMBY Paradise 

The Daily Beast


Apparently, there is a popular impression of New York as "of New York as a builder-friendly city that's constantly exceeding the bounds of rational development".

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Should Austin Follow State Law on Controlling Development? 

Austin American Statesman, via: @ChrisBBradford


That Austin is a fast growing city does not surprise those of us who enjoy living here. That Austin has nearly the highest cost of living of any Texas metropolitan area does surprise many.

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Film Portrays Cities as Oil Addicted Monsters 



Director Patrick Jean combined OpenStreetMap data and animation for this short film, which shows a generic American city called Motorville going in search of the oil that gives it life.

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Seattle Debate on Affordable Housing Location and Light Rail 

Seattle Transit Blog


First of all, I heartily disagree with the Puget Sound Sage report that, not withstanding the bizarre assertion I've quoted, treated light rail in the Rainer Valley as an impact, something bad that needs off setting.

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Unemployment from a Child's Perspective 

Metro Trends Blog


Millions of Americans lost their jobs during the Great Recession, and millions are still unemployed. As a result, millions of children have experienced the hardship of parental job loss.

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DC's H Street Revival, Not Just Community Development 

Washington Post, via: @DrUrbanPolicy


A while ago, it was natural to think of H Street NE as a hub of the District's shopping, dining and night life. But that was sometime around the Truman administration.

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