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Urban Issues: Citizen Project Selection, AirBnB & The Tax Man, SF Soccer Field Battle, New Urbanist Blind Spot


Citizens Directly Choosing Projects to Fund in Vallejo 



The Vallejo City Council is set to vote Tuesday on a series of projects - from streetlights to senior centers - that were chosen directly by nearly 4,000 residents last month.

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The Taxman Cometh for AirBnB and Others 



The taxman is knocking at another Silicon Valley door. Just when thousands of urbanites thought they discovered a gold mine in renting out their apartments on Airbnb, regulators and tax collectors are flexing their power.

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How Code for America Benefits Kansas City 



Now for people who enjoy using technology, it might feel like there's an app for everything. Some are mindless.

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Fight Against Change Pitted at a Soccer Field 

San Francisco Chronicle


It looks as if the swampy soccer field riddled with gopher holes in Golden Gate Park finally will get fixed. But it will remain a battleground for San Francisco's soul.

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How Houston's Economy Stayed Strong 

The Atlantic Cities


Texas is killing it. It dominated the recession, crushed the recovery, and in a new analysis of jobs recovered since the downturn, its largest city stands apart as the most powerful job engine in the country

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Magazine Calls for an End to Boston Redevelopment Authority 

Boston Magazine


In this town, the Boston Redevelopment Authority rules supreme. Accountable only to the mayor, it exerts total control over zoning, planning, and development

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New Urbanist Blind Spot, Planning in Local Government 

Better Cities and Towns


Although it's easy to criticize local government staffers for the sprawling patterns that continue to predominate in the suburbs, as I did in the prior installment, and have in earlier writings-there's plenty of blame to go around.

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Rotterdam Fights Poverty and Social Exclusion 



An urban regeneration programme from the city of Rotterdam will be on show tomorrow at a high-profile Committee of the Regions conference showcasing local efforts at tackling poverty and social exclusion.

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The Geography of American Music 

The Atlantic Cities


Pop music has never been just about the music. America's massive commercial entertainment complex creates earworms and celebrity performers both as products in their own right and as a means of extending its influence even further.

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