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Urban Issues: Conflicted About Change in LA, Chicago & The Second City Syndrome, How Dallas Killed Farmers Markets


Global Cities Don't Just Take, They Give 

The Urbanophile


I had an interesting conversation about Washington, DC with Richard Layman a few months back.

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Conflicted About Change in LA 



This week, Morning Edition ran a about coffee. Here at Code Switch, we decided to add to the "coffee talk" with a snapshot of a cafe in northeast Los Angeles where, for some, gentrification is synonymous with a good cappuccino with a design on the foam.

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Chicago and the Second City Syndrome 

New Geography


The Second City syndrome is alive and well. An anti-Chicago essay masquerading as a book review in the New York Times provides the latest example of the truth of that.

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How Dallas Killed Farmers Markets 

Dallas Obsever, via: The Atlantic Cities


Dallas leads the nation in over-regulating farmers markets - which is why we have so few of them.

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