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Urban Issues: Corruption & State Capitals, Gen Y Housing Preferences, Growing Suburban Poverty, Value Of City Rankings


Are State Capitals in Big Cities Less Corrupt? 

Chicago Magazine, via: @otiswhite


Given that Chicago politics is code for pretty much anything anyone thinks is corrupt or even impolitely aggressive, it might sound like a counterintuitive notion.

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Is Gen Y a Housing Game Changer? 

Wall Street Journal, via: @urbanlandinst


Many housing observers agree that Generation Y-people from 18 to 34 years of age-largely prefers downtown living, often in rental apartments with easy access to walkable neighborhoods and public transportation.

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STEM Report Seen as Flawed, Workers In Demand 

Information Technology Industry Council, via: @lydiadepillis


My college statistics professor was the source of a truly memorable warning: "There are PT Barnums in data analysis who can easily influence people who've either never taken a statistics course or slept through one."

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US Growing Suburban Poverty, But Miami Mixed 

Miami Herald


Across the country, the poverty rate is surging in the suburbs, where the number of poor people is growing much faster than in central cities

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Is Marin Part of HUDs Grand Experiment? 

Marin Independent Journal


IF MARIN has an East Coast clone it may be Westchester County. Despite its 1 million population, some describe this suburb as New York's Marin.

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Norfolk Area Housing Could be Overbuilt 

Virginian Pilot


Bulldozers are making room for new high-end apartments and retail space on Granby and Freemason streets and across the alley on Boush Street in downtown Norfolk.

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Just How Helpful Are City Rankings? 

LA Streetsblog


Santa Monica was just awarded a bump in it's Bicycle Friendly Community (BFC) classification by the League of American Bicycling, from bronze to silver.

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Alameda County Looks at Transit Cuts and Health 

Transportation Nation


The link between transit and health is well-documented. But a new study by the Alameda County Health Department takes it a step further: officials are using the findings to document the detrimental effects of transit cuts.

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Gentrification in Buffalo 

Pacific Standard


Portland is dying. Buffalo is gentrifying. We live in interesting times:

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