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Urban Issues: Demographic Evolution Of Cities 1950-2050, Fighting Gentrification, An Urban School System That Works, SF Trash Inspectors


Chart: Demographic Evolution of Cities 1950 - 2025 

Urban Demographics, via: @trnsprttnst


A nice chart showing the U.N. estimate for the demographic evolution of cities between 1950 and 2025.

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Halting Construction Won't Stop Gentrification 

Slate Moneybox, via: @mdahmus


Robert McCartney writes in the Washington Post that the waves of gentrification that have hit low-income neighborhoods in DC are also spreading to inner-ring suburbs.

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Bronx Organizer Now Accused of Betraying It 

New York Times


Desperate to block FreshDirect's move to their corner of the South Bronx, Mychal Johnson and his neighbors decided to turn to someone they hoped would help them take on the popular grocery delivery service and its political supporters.

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An Urban School System That Works 

Washington Post


To listen to some school reformers, you'd think there are no urban traditional public schools that are successful.

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Past Referendums Limit Cincinnati's Budget Options 

Urban Cincy


Congratulations, Cincinnati, on earning the honorable distinction of being one of the worst budgeted cities in the country.

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San Francisco's Trash Inspectors 

The Atlantic Cities


It was still dark out at 5:30 a.m. when I met up with James Slattery in San Francisco's Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood.

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Infrastructure Bank More Than Roads/Bridges 

Land Lines Magazine


President Obama's "Rebuild America Partnership" includes a national infrastructure bank that would fund a lot more than just roads and bridges.

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Patient/Sustainable Neighborhood Building is Hard 

Original Green


The impatience of the development industry and its municipal regulators clearly contributed to the Meltdown, and a case could be made that impatience was actually the prime culprit.

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Emphasis on Downtown Turns OK City Voters Off 

The Oklahoman


Voters reacting to a perception that the balance in public investment has shifted away from their neighborhoods sent a clear message by voting two city council veterans out of office on Tuesday, a council member says.

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