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Urban Issues: Demographics Of DC Gentrification, Brazilian Bus Fare Protests, Libertarian Trade-Offs


Gentrifiers Aren't All White, Mostly Younger and Affluent 

Washington Business Journals, via: Greater Greater Washington


From Chillum to Petworth to Congress Heights, new research reveals 18 D.C. neighborhoods whose median property value and federal adjusted gross income fell below the citywide average in 2001, and rose most significantly over the next decade.

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What is Happening in Brazil? 

Price Tags


Just as Taksim Park in Turkey turned out to be something more than just a protest over a park, what is happening in Brazil is something more than just a protest over a ten-cent bus fare increase.

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Why Are There No Libertarian Countries? 

Neighborhood Effects


In a recent article in Salon, Michael Lind posed a question: Why are there no libertarian countries?

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