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Urban Issues: Detroit Quest, Baby Boomer Urban Housing Impact, Building A Better City, Investing In Fiber, Housing Mititagates Transit Noise


Dan Gilbert's Quest to Bring Back Detroit 

New York Times Magazine


THE best way to experience all that is strange and a little otherworldly about downtown Detroit is to walk the streets around 5 p.m. on a weekday.

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Baby Boomers Push Housing Costs Up in Urban Areas 

NBC News


Bobbi and Jack Segel have adored their enormous Victorian home in Highland Park, Ill., for nearly two decades, but it seems so quiet there now. Too quiet.

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How to Build a Better City 

Wall Street Journal


During the early years of the Koch administration, when a near-bankrupt New York City was subject to state-imposed financial controls similar to those forced on Detroit earlier this year, many city officials read Robert Caro's book "The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York" as if it were the Bible.

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Cities Must Not Wait for Feds to Invest in Fiber 

Giga Om


Austin's forthcoming Google Fiber gigabit network is a crucial first step to restoring economic opportunities that other cities must follow.

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Housing Developments Look to Mitigate Transit Noise and Pollution 

Twin Cities Finance and Commerce


The new Oaks Station Place apartment development in Minneapolis is one busy place. On any given weekday nearly 500 bus trips and 200 Hiawatha light-rail train arrivals pass through the site.

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Entrepreneurs Key to Jump-Starting Milwaukee Economic Rebirth 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Unlike during its industrial glory days, Milwaukee trails many areas on business start-ups. If the region wants something transformative like a Microsoft, it needs optimistic, risk-taking entrepreneurs.

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Astrodome Should Promote Houston's Engineering Prowess 

Houston Chronicle


The Chronicle published my op-ed this morning, although with an inaccurate headline (it would cover all technology and innovation, not just locals). The headline above is the original one I proposed.

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HUD Rebrands Sustainability Initiative Around Economic Resilience 

MZ Strategies


It's a busy time for MZ Strategies, LLC and we're pleased to be involved in a number of interesting projects in Minnesota, Kansas City, Denver and Washington, DC ranging on issues from TOD and MPO financing to regional economic competitiveness partnerships and strategies to creating new models for improving capacity building in rural and tribal...

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Young Families Look for Urban Living 

Greater Greater Washington


More and more young adults in their 20's and early 30's are choosing to live in urban areas.

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Development Fees Not Covering Saskatoon's Growth Costs 

The Star Phoenix


It's a question cities throughout Western Canada have been grappling with for decades: does new development pay for itself ?

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