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Urban Issues: Double-Edged Infill Sword, Walking For Health, Best Read Cities, American Community Survey, Start-Up Boom's Class Bias


Urban Infill is a Double Edge Sword 

Nashville Ledger


There are certain things about Sylvan Park that lured resident Steve Swartz away from Belle Meade seven years ago, like the variety in architecture and diversity in character of the neighbors.

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Next Big Health Breakthrough, Walking 



The next big health care breakthrough - which could cut rates of heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer and Alzheimers by at least 40 percent and save Americans $100 billion a year

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Federal Solution Could Make Things Worse: Rural Electrification 

Strong Towns


Recently Chuck has been talking about the Federal Connection - the idea that many people have that if we want to see better environments for walking and biking, more transit, safer schools, etc., the the answer is to get federal programs created and funded to address these concerns.

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Amazon Releases List of Best Read Cities, via: @mrgeog today announced its third annual list of the Most Well-Read Cities in America.

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Attack on American Community Survey Isn't Over 

Slate, via: @carterrubin


One of the best things a government can do is produce public goods-non-excludable, non-rivalrous things that everyone can share and share alike and that will tend to be underproduced or underconsumed in a free market.

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Immigrant Influence Evident in US Housing Markets 

Housing Wire, via: The HUDdle


One of the hottest debates coming out of Washington D.C. right now is immigration. But one thing that's not debatable is the contribution of new immigrants to the housing recovery.

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Fixing the Start-Up Boom's Class Bias 

Next City


New York City appears to be in a new golden age of entrepreneurship. In recent years, mid-career investment bankers, lawyers and media professionals have forged out on their own, opening everything from food trucks and restaurants to digital marketing agencies.

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Designing a Buy Local Campaign That Works 

The Atlantic Cities


When Mark Rembert and Taylor Stuckert left Wilmington, Ohio, for college, they didn't think they'd be back.

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