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Urban Issues: Foreclosure Benefits, Social Interaction Value, Boston Brain Drain Hysteria, Paris & Brussels Feud


Indy Neighborhoods Will Benefit from Foreclosure Settlements 

Indianapolis Star


For years, Lillie Evans has sadly watched the weeds rise from the lawn, the rats scurry across the porch and criminals break into the boarded-up house across the street from her home.

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Increased Social Interaction Carries Large Economic Value 

The Economist


HUMANITY is crowding into ever smaller portions of the planet. In "Triumph of the City" Edward Glaeser notes how 243m Americans squish together into only 3% of the country's area.

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Don't Believe The Boston Brain Drain Hysteria 

Pacific Standard Magazine


Don't believe a word of the brain drain hysteria. Boston is one of only two talent production industry clusters anywhere in the United States.

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Most Expensive Housing Markets Are Getting Easier to Get To 

The Atlantic Cities


Nationally, home prices have been rebounding for over a year. But not every market is seeing the same kind of growth.

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Paris and Brussels Silly Feud 

The Atlantic Cities


A shabby, chaotic, ugly mess that's full of "sewers for cars" - French daily Liberation certainly didn't pull its punches when roasting the city of Brussels recently.

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Zynga Gets Tax Breaks from SF, Then Lays off Workers 

Next City


Zynga, the firm that invented FarmVille and flooded your Facebook feed with updates about your aunt's virtual livestock, announced on Monday that it is laying off 520 people.

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Why Istanbul's Gezi Square is Important 

BBC News


Plans to redevelop Istanbul's Gezi Park into a complex with new mosque and shopping centre have sparked a wave of protests in the Turkish city and beyond.

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