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Urban Issues: Future Is Sharing, Cultural Districts, Strengthening Neighborhood Bonds, Crowdfund Vs. NIMBYs


Sharing Assets is the Future 

New York Times Opinionator


Some people in New York love the city's new bike-sharing system. Some people really, really do not.


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Modesto Council Wants Better Look at Downtown Incentives 

Modesto Bee


Modesto council members said Wednesday they want more information before endorsing local government incentives for owners who start or expand businesses in the downtown.


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New Global Consortium on Cultural Districts 

D Magazine


When Maxwell Anderson came to Dallas to head the Dallas Museum of Art, he cited the Dallas Arts District and the potential for future growth and innovation as a major factor in his decision.


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Group Focuses on Strengthening Neighborhood Social Bonds 

National Journal


A Milwaukee couple's nonprofit combats poverty with block parties and community gardens.


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Could You Crowdfund to Neutralize NIMBYs? 

Slate Moneybox


I recently asked a real estate professional about a new company called Fundrise that's built on the simple dream of selling small shares in urban real-estate projects to the masses.


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The US Will Look Demographically Like California 

ASLA Dirt Blog


"Oh, my god, America has changed," exclaimed Dr. Manuel Pastor, Professor of Sociology, University of Southern California, mock-shocked, at the E.P.A.'s Brownfield conference in Atlanta.


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Rebuilding the Middle Class and American Dream 

The HUDdle


June is Homeownership Month, a time to celebrate something that's central to this thing we call 'the American Dream.'


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Wall Street Buyers Behind Rising Housing Prices 

New York Times


The last time the housing market was this hot in Phoenix and Las Vegas, the buyers pushing up prices were mostly small time. Nowadays, they are big time - Wall Street big.


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