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Urban Issues: Growth No Longer Enough For Charlotte, Multigenerational Homes, Chief Resilience Officers, Cities & Startups


Charlotte Now Relies on Taxes, Not Explosive Growth 

Charlotte Observer


A city of Charlotte property tax hike and one proposed by Mecklenburg County this week suggest the area's largest local governments can no longer rely on explosive growth and annexation for balanced budgets.


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New Homebuilding Trend, Multigenerational Homes 



In a recent article, the Charlotte Observer highlighted a "new" trend in homebuilding: the multi-generational home.


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Cities Have More Ideas to Steal 

The Atlantic Cities


We all know that cities are great engines of innovation. One reason that's the case, as Emily Badger recently pointed out, is that cities grow "superlinearly":


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Do Cities Need Chief Resilience Officer? 

Governing Magazine


Announced in May, the foundation will award $100 million to cities in an effort to to help them better prepare to "withstand catastrophic events - both natural and manmade."


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Can Cities Do Anything to Help Startups? 

Wall Street Journal


An article in today's Wall Street Journal looked at efforts to spur entrepreneurship in St. Louis.


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The Point of Crowd Sourced Real Estate 

The Atlantic Cities


Fundrise, a D.C.-based real-estate crowdfunding startup I profiled last November, has since been getting a lot of attention for its proposal


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