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Urban Issues: Housing Affordability, Atlanta Beltline Internet Incentive, Nashville Mixed-Income Plan, Twitter & Geography Of Communication


What's Happening to Housing Affordability 



The National Association of Realtors announced earlier this year that its Housing Affordability Index shows 2012 was a record year for housing affordability.


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Atlanta Considers High Speed Internet on the Beltline 

Atlanta Journal Constitution


Atlanta development officials said Thursday they are considering ultra-high-speed Internet service as a way to attract businesses to the loop of trails and planned transit known as the Atlanta Beltline.


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Mixed Income Plan Could Lift Nashville Public Housing 

USA Today


Long before Nashville's Cumberland River found new life as an attraction, a slum community thrived along its East Bank.


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Planning Fatigue in City Heights 

KPBS San Diego


A group of City Heights residents assembled at the local library last month to learn about the latest study being conducted in their neighborhood.


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States' Power Grab Quashes Local Governments' Authority 



In 1996, Democratic President Bill Clinton famously declared, "The era of big government is over." He deregulated the telecommunications and financial industries; pushed a free trade agreement that severely restricted the federal government's authority to protect domestic jobs and businesses; and abandoned the 75-year-old federal commitment to the poor.


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Worst Cities for Dogs Attacking Postal Carriers 

The Atlantic Cities


Next week is National Dog Bite Prevention Week, America's seven-day celebration of not being bitten by dogs.


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How Twitter Changes The Geography of Communication 

The Atlantic Cities


Since academics first began studying communication, they've been trying to figure out who we talk to and how those networks change with the invention of new mediums of interaction


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Education, Diversity Core to Houston's Global Future 

Houston Chronicle, via: @brookings


Houston businesses compete internationally, but how long the region can sustain its economic boom depends largely on its success training people for the global workforce while capitalizing on the city's diversity, business and political leaders said Wednesday.


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Why Has Jerry Brown Turned His Back on Cities? 

Stockton City Limits


When Jerry Brown was elected governor-for the second time-I was optimistic. In addition to serving as governor once before, as well as state Attorney General, Brown was also mayor of Oakland from 1999 to 2007.


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What is a MOOC and Why Does It Matter to Planners? 

Planning Commissioners Journal


How would you like to take a course at a top-notch university, with some outstanding planning professors, for free? Now, you can do just that through a "MOOC".


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