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Urban Issues: Housing Solutions Gone Awry, Cities & Friends, Civic Amenities, Disbanding BRA, Workable Affordable Housing Plans


A Housing Solution Gone Awry 

New York Times


In the early 1970s, the architect and city planner Oscar Newman came forth with a book and theory called "Defensible Space," which relied in part on data from New York City public housing to propose a set of design solutions to the mounting problems of urban living.

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The Best Cities Are the Ones Where You Can Make Friends 

Fast Company Coexist, via: The Atlantic Cities


A new statistic called Social Interaction Potential measures how likely it is for two people in a community to end up in the same place and talk. The question then becomes: How do you raise a city's SIP?

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Justification for Civic Amenities 

Vibrant Bay Area


A loyal reader (it's a required duty for younger sisters) recently emailed me with a question. She provided a link to a National Public Radio story on the history of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

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Should the BRA Be Disbanded? 

Walking Bostonian


Rachel Slade has a new article in Boston Magazine entitled "The Authority" in which she calls for the Boston Redevelopment Authority to be disbanded, and its functions of planning, zoning and development to be separated.

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Affordable Housing Plans Might Just Work 

Next City


The new Green Line light rail in the Twin Cities, also known as the Central Corridor, took its first clearance test run at the end of April.

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