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Urban Issues: Housing Supply & Demand, Reincarnation Of Seoul, Iceland's Cultural Miracle, Pope's Era Of 'Mass' Transit, Place-Based Immigration


Markets a Third Way to Affordable Housing 

The Greater Marin


It's no secret that the cost to buy or rent a home in the Bay Area is extremely high and rising. Thanks to a regional economic rebound and renewed interest in the kind of walkable living that defines San Francisco, demand for Bay Area housing is at a high.

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The Reincarnation of Seoul, South Korea 

New York Times Magazine


With a rush of sweeping cultural transformations, the South Korean capital is becoming the fashionable intrigue of the Far East.

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How SF Will Upgrade Data for Decisionmaking 

Tech President, via: @nclarkjudd


San Francisco city officials have watched their brethren in New York have a day in the sun for a new emphasis on what you might call data-driven governance - and they're ready for their turn.

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Journey to Iceland's Cultural Miracle 

Press Europ, via: @FeargusOSull


Iceland escaped the grip of austerity and has turned Icelandic culture into the country's second largest contributor to GDP, with an impact of around 1bn Euro per year.

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Pope Francis, A New Era of "Mass" Transit 

This Big City


It's a season of firsts for the Catholic Church. Recently, the church saw the first resignation of a living pope in over 600 years, which they followed up by replacing him with the first ever pope to come from the American continent

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Place Based Immigration via City Specific Visas 

Next City


At a forum in Boston last summer, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made the highest profile case so far for the adoption of place-based visas in the U.S.

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Millenials Have Overrun Philly 

Next City


Philadelphia gained about 9,000 residents last year, according to a State of the City report released by the Pew Charitable Trusts this weekend, and the lion's share of the growth appears to have come from people between the ages of 20 and 34.

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Should San Bernadino Cease to Exist? 

City Journal


As one of the largest American cities ever to declare Chapter 9 bankruptcy, San Bernardino found itself driven to insolvency by three things.

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Balancing Safety and Security on the LA Blue Line 

LA Streetsblog


"Nobody uses it," Liz told me. "There's dookies in there!" She was referring to the 53rd St. pedestrian bridge connecting the two halves of the Pueblo del Rio housing development split by the four sets of Blue Line and Pacific Rail train tracks.

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