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Urban Issues: HUD Downsizing, Eds and Meds, Turin's Resurgence and Paris' Governance


The Boom and Bust Cycle of Urban Investment

New York Times


FOR the past several years all the ingredients have been in place for an urban crisis. Unemployment has hovered above 15 percent in many of our most distressed cities.

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Paris’ Future Governance, a Discussion w Deputy Mayor

Stephane Kirkland


As Paris’s Deputy Mayor in charge of “Paris Metropole” and relations with the region’s other local governments, Pierre Mansat is at the center of the debate regarding Paris’s governance.

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HUD Downsizes Multi-Family Housing Programs



The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced Wednesday that it will be restructuring its Multifamily Housing Programs and the Office of Field Policy and Management to meet the realities of dwindling funding.

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Examining Eds and Meds as City Saviors

Rust Wire


I’ve been doing some pre-grad school reading now that applications are done.

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Turin’s Unfinished Transformation

German Marshall Fund Urban Current


Torino, Italy is no stranger to the economic, social, and environmental change that afflicts all cities.

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Strong Cities, Strong Communities One Year Report Card

Next City


These are austere times in the nation’s capital. The House Republican majority is intent on reducing the deficit solely through cuts to domestic spending programs, and Congress is so gridlocked that only severely delayed flights could bestir them to address the destructive budget sequestration process

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Who Rules the Street in Cairo? The Residents Who Build It

New York Times, via: Per Square Mile


The telltale signs in post-revolutionary Egypt are not just the riots and rapes, the mega-traffic snarls and sectarian battles. There is also the highway ramp in Ard El Lewa.

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New York City Mice Evolving



Maybe Charles Darwin didn’t have to sail all the way to the Galapagos islands after all.

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New Tool Helps Plan Greener Cities

Science Alert


Australian citizens can become more involved in planning their cities with wildlife in mind thanks to a new tool developed by researchers at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions (CEED).

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China’s Lost Rivers

The Atlantic Cities


As recently as 20 years ago, there were an estimated 50,000 rivers in China, each covering a flow area of at least 60 square miles.

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93% of Transportation in US Dependent on Oil

Face the Facts USA, via: LA Metro Transportation Library


93 percent of U.S. planes, trains and motor vehicles remain dependent on oil. The resulting CO2 emissions are second only to China.

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