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Urban Issues: Job Sprawl Stall, Rental Preservation, HUD App Helps Homeless, Cupcake Craziness, Upgrading SF Water System


Recession Causes Job Sprawl to Stall 



As policymakers and regional leaders work to grow jobs and connect residents to economic opportunity following the Great Recession, where jobs locate matters.

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Rental Preservation, a Three-Pronged Approach 

@ The Horizon


Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) has given a lot of thought to preserving affordable rental housing.

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The Rise of White Middle Class Anti-Gentrifiers 

The New Republic, via: @thegreatermarin


Over the past decade or so, an influx of young professionals has transformed the character of faltering urban neighborhoods like Brooklyn's Williamsburg and Bushwick and working-class preserves in Chicago and Atlanta.

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New HUD App Would Help Homeless 

The HUDdle


They've become so ubiquitous in our daily lives that some might wonder, "how did we ever make dinner reservations or buy movie tickets BEFORE smart phones and tablets?"

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The Clevelandish Life of Harvey Pekar 

Rust Wire


I'm a fan of Harvey Pekar, I really am. I've read at least a half dozen of his books. I love American Splendor, really anything with Paul Giamatti in it, for that matter.

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The End of the Cupcake Craze? 

The Atlantic Cities


Is there a more widely, vocally despised food than the prissy, expensive, full-of-itself gourmet cupcake? Maybe. Maybe liver, or mushy green beans, or rotten bananas.

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Is Regional Cooperation at Risk in Charlotte 

Plan Charlotte


The implied threat Monday from Charlotte City Council members, to withdraw support for the proposed Monroe Bypass, is more fallout from an increasingly fractious local political battle over control of Charlotte's airport.

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Upgrading San Francisco's Water System 

SF Curbed


San Francisco has one of the most complicated and impressive water systems around.

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Cartoon: The Gentrification Cycle 

Daily Kos


The last panel of this cartoon was inspired by a recent NYT article about the Belgravia district of London, where international jet-setters own much of the real estate.

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