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Urban Issues: Keep Boston Redev. Authority, Cleveland 'Opportunity Corridor', Race & Wealth Gap, Boston Area Housing Plans


Do Not Get Rid of Boston Redevelopment Authority 

Boston Globe


The Boston Redevelopment Authority is a bogeyman to many, a seemingly all-powerful agency that, depending on its position on any particular issue, can be the bane of everyone from neighborhood activists to developers to good-government types.

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Cleveland's Opportunity Corridor Fiasco in Memes 

Rust Wire


Cleveland is preparing to build a $350 million highway through some of its poorest neighborhoods. This pet project of some of the region's elites has been cynically named "the Opportunity Corridor."

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Loving the City You Can't Stand 

The Greater Marin


Sometimes, I wonder at my fellow urbanists, especially those who can live wherever they like. They have chosen, for whatever reason, to live in certain places and write sometimes deeply critical things about those places.

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Is Homeownership Answer to race and Wealth Gap? 

Metro Trends Blog


A recent paper by Bayer, Ferreira, and Ross on mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures finds that people of color had greater problems once Recession hit than did many others in roughly equal circumstances, such as income and location, but with different racial backgrounds.

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Big Housing Plan for Smaller Cities in Boston Region 

Boston Globe


The people who built Malden City Hall did their best to imitate Boston's more famous seat of municipal government. Malden's charmless version of Government Center is even harder on the eyes, and the surrounding neighborhood, than Boston's.

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High Tech Sensors Help Spanish Port City Leap to Future 

Santander, via: @TheOriginalDrZ


Aside from the occasional ferry down from England, the old Spanish port city of Santander doesn't get too many foreign visitors.

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