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Urban Issues: Locals Gain As Feds Lose Power, San Diego Partisan Politics, Housing & Loneliness, Homes For Millenials, Detroit Whole Foods Example


Local Governments Gain Power as Feds Lose it 

New York Times, David Brooks


There's a weird calm around Washington these days. The Obama administration only has a year before the lame-duck status sets in. Yet you don't get a sense of urgency.

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San Diego Council's Partisan Voting Bloc 

San Diego Union Tribune, via: @otiswhite


City Council Republicans tend to stick together. Conservative council members have registered the same votes on nearly every contentious issue that's come before them since Mayor Bob Filner and council newcomers took office in December.

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Why Feds are Using TARP Funds to Demo Buildings 

The Atlantic Cities


A steady rise in housing prices nationwide has made analysts and investors hopeful about the future of the U.S. housing market overall.

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Lonliness Kills, Can Housing Help? 

Guardian UK


Social isolation among the elderly can be aided by intelligent housing schemes, but more evidence is needed to prove it

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Are Millenials an Opportunity for Home Builders? 

Los Angeles Times


Builders are eyeing the next wave of potential home buyers - the so-called millennials - but whether this rising generation will embrace big mortgage debt remains an open question.

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Whole Foods in Detroit Threatening Stereotypes 



Because any positive economic activity that happens in Detroit is apparently national news, the opening of a Whole Foods Wednesday in the city's Midtown neighborhood has caused more fanfare than possibly any grocery-store debut in history.

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Has NYC's Tech Movement Turned a Corner? 

Next City


"After a while," says Noel Hidalgo, "how many more transit apps do you need?"

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Adams County Wants Land Back Denver Annexed for Airport 

Denver Post, via: @otiswhite


Adams County launched a grenade Friday in an ongoing dispute with Denver over how Denver International Airport should develop, demanding the land Denver annexed 25 years ago for the airport be returned.

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The Comeback of Downtown Redwood City 

CNU Salons


It is unknown to many New Urbanists, but one of the most dramatic downtown comeback stories of our generation is taking place in Redwood City, California.

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